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Fear and loathing in Las Linux

Disclaimer: I’m a prick. No, really! I complain all the time.

Today, I’m going to complain about Linux, A-GAIN! Actually my gripe isn’t so much with the Linux kernel or community, I’m specifically irritated at Redhat, Fedora, CentOS and any other RPM-based distro that relies on “yum” for installing and updating packages.

Domain tasting

Domain tasting, from Wikipedia
This is a throw down. The practice known as “domain tasting” or “domain kiting” must be put to an end. It is unethical and just plain sneaky.

Slow web servers, and how to speed them up

In a world where a large portion of internet users are on fast broadband connections, we sometimes come across slow-loading web sites. We’re quick to notice when it takes more than a second or two to load, but what do you do when it’s been over a minute since you clicked the link ?

Age vs Learning vs Stubbornness

Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting “old”. What is “old” anyway ? When does one cease to be young and cross over into this fuzzy concept known as old age ?
Allow me to give an example: Ruby. It’s the big fad on the net, a high-level programming language.

Domain names, and how they suck

There’s this wonderful racket on the net, that makes tons of money for nothing. It’s heavily marketed, littered with up-sells of all kinds, and priced arbitrarily. It’s easy to join in as a business partner, and hard to do well.
That racket is called the domain name business. Everyone who wants to be seen on the web has to get at least one domain