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The Art of Computer Maintenance

What is the Art of Computer Maintenance ? It’s the difference between you and me. It’s what makes my PC fast, reliable and long lasting (graphics cards excepted) . It’s an oil change for your PC, a set of good habits and practices that are cheap, quick and easy. Some of the most important things […]

Slow web servers, and how to speed them up

In a world where a large portion of internet users are on fast broadband connections, we sometimes come across slow-loading web sites. We’re quick to notice when it takes more than a second or two to load, but what do you do when it’s been over a minute since you clicked the link ?

A quick word about BitTorrent

In the world of file sharing, BitTorrent is huge. There are dozens of clients for every mainstream operating system, heck there are even gadgets that download torrents without a computer! Everyone’s uploading and downloading all sorts of stuff, good and bad, but there is one thing I feel compelled to address and that is the ‘Super Seeder’ option.