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What's in an Operating System ?

As a long-time hacker (the good kind), I’ve dealt with a staggering assortment of operating systems over the years, on many different platforms. In the last few years, I’ve been growing ever more irritated by the blurring distinction between operating systems and applications, and the nasty problems that commingling has created.

The open-source world as I see it

Hi kids! Did you miss me ?
I experienced a few hours of downtime last night, as a result of some minor tweaking on my server. Actually I just added a 2nd IP address, simple right ? Well how is it that a friggin’ wizard like me, can crash a server with something trivial like adding an IP address ? Red Hat Linux, that’s how.

Dell and Ubuntu sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Dell, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, finally confirmed the rumours: Ubuntu Linux will be available on new Dell systems as an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Fuck Ballmer! :)

Synergy for multi-PC goodness

I’ve been using a neat little utility for the past week called Synergy. It allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers over the network, in an extremely intuitive way. You still need a monitor on the extra computers… Synergy kind of merges all your machines into one huge desktop.

Acrobat Reader 8 sucks less!

On the web, the PDF format is pretty much the de-facto standard for distributing printable media. For years, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader has been getting fatter, slower, and buggier with each new release. So bad in fact, that a lot of people switched to Foxit Reader, which is fast and lean but kind of feels like a Windows 3.1 app 😛