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A quick word about BitTorrent

In the world of file sharing, BitTorrent is huge. There are dozens of clients for every mainstream operating system, heck there are even gadgets that download torrents without a computer! Everyone’s uploading and downloading all sorts of stuff, good and bad, but there is one thing I feel compelled to address and that is the ‘Super Seeder’ option.

The Future of Online Advertising (June 7-8, NYC)

I’ll be attending the Future of Online Advertising in New York City on June 7th and 8th, a two-day event for online advertisers and bloggers, featuring an all-star panel of speakers including Jay Adelson of Digg fame, Darren Rowse of and many many other top dogs of the industry. If you plan on going, email me for a 10% discount code 😉

Synergy for multi-PC goodness

I’ve been using a neat little utility for the past week called Synergy. It allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers over the network, in an extremely intuitive way. You still need a monitor on the extra computers… Synergy kind of merges all your machines into one huge desktop.