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Spammers that kill!

E-Mail Scam Includes Hit-Man Threat – Federal Bureau of Investigation Have you ever received threats from some rap-blasting oregano-selling sticker-hoarding honda-driving meatbag ? Well now you can get the same thrills without leaving your desk! Death threats by email, from someone you don’t know! What I find absolutely hilarious is that the […]

Church of England upset over cathedral's depiction in Sony game – ArsTechnica

Church of England upset over cathedral’s depiction in Sony game Ah yes, the Church of England, brainchild of King Henry VIII, one of history’s most outrageously shameful crackheads, right up there with Rasputin and Jerry Falwell. I’ll keep it quick, so someone please explain to me what the difference is […]

TorrentSpy ordered to start tracking visitors – CNet

The article at 😛 You’ve got to love California and their Hollywood legal system. A federal judge has ordered to start tracking its visitors’ habits, as part of the discovery process in their suit against the MPAA. It just keeps getting better and better (and by that I mean WORSE). You […]

Encryption vendor claims AACS infringes its patents, sues Sony

Encryption vendor claims AACS infringes its patents, sues Sony
The title says it all, but the best part is that the patent holder is a Canadian firm! What’s even better is that the US National Security Agency has already licensed the very same patents Sony is accused of infringing upon.
I’m normally not one to support patent issues, particularly when they deal with software algorithms, but in this case I’m willing to look the other way :)

High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters – High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters
Regal Cinemas (some movie theater chain in the states) is now handing out these little remote-like devices to some of their patrons, which allows the person to page a staff member during the movie. The idea is that when some idiot ruins the show by talking throughout the film, or pointing his laser, or beating his wife, you page an “associate” and they come shut the idiot up.

Early summer movies underperform at box office | Entertainment | Reuters

Early summer movies underperform at box office | Reuters
So apparently release-weekend ticket sales for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 are about 15% lower than last year’s number for Pirates 2. Geez… I dunno, maybe it’s because the prices keep going up for nothing. Or maybe 15% of the people got turned off by #2 and aren’t rushing out to see this one. Or maybe a large chunk of people are seriously pissed off at the film industry for churning out several metric tonnes of mindless tripe

Optimus Maximus: 113 keys of ignorant consumerism

Optimus Maximus: 113 keys, ready to pre-order – Engadget
If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll know that the overhyped design shop known as Art Lebedev has been teasing the world with this outrageous keyboard for years now. After a few pre-pre-pre-releases just to remind us they’re still attention whores, they’re now accepting pre-orders for the notorious keyboard where each key has its own personal OLED display