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YouTube – Xubuntu Compiz Fusion VERY OLD computer / Better than Vista

YouTube – Xubuntu Compiz Fusion VERY OLD computer / Better than Vista I don’t usually post Youtube links, but this one actually has adults commenting 😛 Damn kids. Anyway, the topic I want to touch on is old computers. Not old like Atari, old like a Pentium-III 800mhz, which was released in 1999, […]

Who the hell would pay $500 for a Drobo ?

What the hell is a Drobo, you ask ? Drobo is a little box that connects to your computer via USB, and houses from one to four hard drives. It does RAID-like things to protect your files from disk failure, and presents itself as a very simple, easy-to-use gadget. And it costs $500, that’s […]

Fear and loathing in Las Linux

Disclaimer: I’m a prick. No, really! I complain all the time.

Today, I’m going to complain about Linux, A-GAIN! Actually my gripe isn’t so much with the Linux kernel or community, I’m specifically irritated at Redhat, Fedora, CentOS and any other RPM-based distro that relies on “yum” for installing and updating packages.

Five Tired Old Myths About GNU/Linux, and the whiney hackers that keep them alive

Five Tired Old Myths About GNU/Linux
I’ve been a casual supporter of Linux and free software in general for many years, but I don’t shove it in everyone’s face like a new fad religion. For sake of brevity, here are the 5 “myths” from the article, accompanied by my frank opinion as always.

The open-source world as I see it

Hi kids! Did you miss me ?
I experienced a few hours of downtime last night, as a result of some minor tweaking on my server. Actually I just added a 2nd IP address, simple right ? Well how is it that a friggin’ wizard like me, can crash a server with something trivial like adding an IP address ? Red Hat Linux, that’s how.