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Secure-p2p as a potential successor to BitTorrent

Secure-p2p You know what sucks about BitTorrent ? Well frankly, a lot of stuff, but it’s the best thing we have right now. The fine folks from The Pirate Bay are hard at work designing the next evolutionary step in P2P file sharing, and I for one, could not be happier! Say what […]

Meet IvanAnywhere, the telecommuting robot – Business – Meet IvanAnywhere Now this is cool! Ivan Bowman is a developer at some company in Waterloo, but he “telecommutes” – god I hate that word – he works from home, in Halifax. Hundreds of thousands of people do that already, but what’s neat about Ivan is he has a robot […]

The Art of Computer Maintenance

What is the Art of Computer Maintenance ? It’s the difference between you and me. It’s what makes my PC fast, reliable and long lasting (graphics cards excepted) . It’s an oil change for your PC, a set of good habits and practices that are cheap, quick and easy. Some of the most important things […]

How to Stop Warez Pirates: Ask Them Nicely!

How to Stop Warez Pirates: Ask Them Nicely | TorrentFreak It’s all in the headline, folks! It’s an article about an independent software developer who simply asked a warez group to stop pirating his software. Not surprisingly, they immediately complied with his request. You see, the “real” pirates don’t do it for profit, […]

Passive income – a long term goal

Who is Bill ? At one point I was defined as “an angry coagulate of superior intellect and vast technoculture”.
Well yes, I am those things. More importantly, I’m a guy who has hardly ever cared for tradition. One time-honored tradition of the human race is to work until you’re very old and/or dead. Give 40 years to a company, build up a retirement fund, and hope to have enough life in you to enjoy it. I consider that mentality obsolete in the 21st century.

High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters – High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters
Regal Cinemas (some movie theater chain in the states) is now handing out these little remote-like devices to some of their patrons, which allows the person to page a staff member during the movie. The idea is that when some idiot ruins the show by talking throughout the film, or pointing his laser, or beating his wife, you page an “associate” and they come shut the idiot up.

Ax or Ask – Helping people talk better

Ax or Ask (Youtube)

All I can say is I wish this guy all the luck in the world. If I try to tell someone their “street talk” is illiterate filth, I get labeled as a racist, so thank you Mr Garrard McClendon for trying to educate the masses. I don’t care that he’s cheesy, and I don’t care that he wears the ugliest suit ever worn. It’s a shameful world