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Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Daily Kos: State of the Nation Nothing much to add, but if you’re at all interested in the lovely circle-jerk that is banking, I invite you to spend a few minutes reading this excellent article at Daily Kos, that I think explains the situation in a way most people can understand (well, most non-inbred […]

Rogers iPhone pricing revealed (yes, Rogers is still retarded)

Rogers revealed its pricing scheme for its Canadian 3G iPhone plans today. They suck ass, which is precisely what we’ve come to expect from the only national telecom that’s even dumber and greedier than Bell. There’s a petition online. Like all petitions, it probably won’t do a damned thing, but it says “fuck you” […]

Crooked Lying Bastards Unworthy of Your Money (and mine)

Update:A spin doctor from Pizza Pizza contacted me and credited $50 to my account, and I’m not one to turn down free pizza! I still declare a jihad on the Somerset tards – I’m not much for suicide bombers, but maybe a large group of fat nerds could show up, dressed in their finest trans-gender […]

Fuck Creative Labs, Fuck the Sound Blaster, and Fuck You if you buy one!

For those just tuning in, Creative Inc, the company that sells the Sound Blaster brand of sound cards, has been giving a driver hacker a very hard time. The issue involves Vista driver support. I don’t know the full details, as I don’t own a Sound Blaster anymore, but the gist of it is that […]

Charity Forced to Pay Copyright Fee So Kids Can Sing Carols

Charity Forced to Pay Copyright Fee So Kids Can Sing Carols | TorrentFreak I won’t even try to say anything clever about this. Fuck them all! Fuck the idiot inspector, fuck his boss, fuck everyone who touched the paperwork involved in this case. I hope they all get gang-raped by a pack of […]

The thousand-dollar keyboard – Fuck you Art Lebedev!

Optimus Maximus in minimus sub-$1000 configurations – Engadget We live in a fake world. Fake people, fake careers, fake tits and fake money. Well if you’re the kind of fake person that likes a fake computer, here’s your keyboard: the Optimus Maximus, by Art Lebedev (aka the “geniuses” who got paid to draw […]

$620M for Quebec manufacturers hit by loonie rise

$620M for Quebec manufacturers hit by loonie rise If you’re too lazy to read, the Liberal government is issuing tax cuts and other beneficial adjustments to help struggling Quebec manufacturers whose business has been negatively affected by the rising value of the Canadian dollar. Real cute. While all of us consumers are enjoying […]