64-bit: facts and myths

Okay, I am so very tired of reading pseudo-technical idiots who think they need 64-bit versions of all their software, and give developers grief over it.  Here, I will beat the topic to death, hopefully inspiring these idiots to shut the hell up and let the programmers make the programming decisions.

File servers for everyone!

It looks like shit (for now), but I’ve quickly put together a NAS configurator page.  That’s right, custom file servers from 4 to 72 terabytes, to securely stash your digital clutter.  Be forewarned, these things can get noisy as they are designed for server rooms.  If you want something quiet enough to stick […]

Tony Clement: sell-out #2

The “honourable” minister Tony Clement sent me a canned email today about how the C-32 copyright reform bill is a “fair, balanced, common-sense approach” to “promote homegrown innovation and creativity”. This is a bill written by the rich, for the rich.  It is even more repressive than the sternly abused U.S. DMCA, and provides for […]

Requiem for a Laptop

Laptops suck.  Seriously, they are shit.  None of them work right, driver support is abysmal, and it seems every manufacturer is targeting the “space-conscious idiot” demographic,  who want a laptop that stays on a desk, plugged in 24/7.

United States of Assholes

This is why I am anti-American.  Everything this neo-nazi cousin-fucker knows about Islam, he learned on CNN.  If this guy were driving around Ottawa, even our pussyfooting pacifists would set this motherfucker on FIRE!  Now y’all know I don’t give two shits about Islam, or any other religion, but this is akin to […]

Real music: Die Antwoord!

Okay, I know I keep yappin’ about how real music has gone to hell.  Here’s an act that is true, and if they’re not, well fuck I’m fooled.  Die Antwoord.  They are awesome.  They call themselves rap-rave.  They are from South Africa.  They are the hottest shit since microwaved poop.  I saw them live.  […]

Jail sentences, and why I think they’re shit

It’s no secret that I am not at all a fan of law enforcement and related businesses.  I certainly acknowledge the necessity of order in society, but I’ve seen far too many abuses and my faith in the system has been eroded.  We have this supposed leader who wants longer, “harsher” jail sentences across the board, and even setting aside my anti-Harper bias for a moment, I still think it’s a load of crap.