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Dell and Ubuntu sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Dell, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, finally confirmed the rumours: Ubuntu Linux will be available on new Dell systems as an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Fuck Ballmer! :)

Synergy for multi-PC goodness

I’ve been using a neat little utility for the past week called Synergy. It allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers over the network, in an extremely intuitive way. You still need a monitor on the extra computers… Synergy kind of merges all your machines into one huge desktop.

Acrobat Reader 8 sucks less!

On the web, the PDF format is pretty much the de-facto standard for distributing printable media. For years, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader has been getting fatter, slower, and buggier with each new release. So bad in fact, that a lot of people switched to Foxit Reader, which is fast and lean but kind of feels like a Windows 3.1 app 😛