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How to Stop Warez Pirates: Ask Them Nicely!

How to Stop Warez Pirates: Ask Them Nicely | TorrentFreak It’s all in the headline, folks! It’s an article about an independent software developer who simply asked a warez group to stop pirating his software. Not surprisingly, they immediately complied with his request. You see, the “real” pirates don’t do it for profit, […]

Fear and loathing in Las Linux

Disclaimer: I’m a prick. No, really! I complain all the time.

Today, I’m going to complain about Linux, A-GAIN! Actually my gripe isn’t so much with the Linux kernel or community, I’m specifically irritated at Redhat, Fedora, CentOS and any other RPM-based distro that relies on “yum” for installing and updating packages.

Piracy isn’t necessarily a bad thing

The Market Function of Piracy, by Jerry Kirkpatrick, professor of international business and marketing at California State Polytechnic University.
Prof. Kirkpatrick explains in his article how software piracy can have a positive effect on sales. He likens it to handing free samples to everyone, which is well known to be a costly yet highly effective marketing strategy, and argues that pirated software can serve as free advertising

BitTorrent done well

I’m always bitching about bad programmers and how they should be murdered and raped (in that specific order), but I can certainly acknowledge talent when I see it. Today’s example of excellent software is the awesome µTorrent, possibly the best BitTorrent client for Windows.

Age vs Learning vs Stubbornness

Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting “old”. What is “old” anyway ? When does one cease to be young and cross over into this fuzzy concept known as old age ?
Allow me to give an example: Ruby. It’s the big fad on the net, a high-level programming language.

What's in an Operating System ?

As a long-time hacker (the good kind), I’ve dealt with a staggering assortment of operating systems over the years, on many different platforms. In the last few years, I’ve been growing ever more irritated by the blurring distinction between operating systems and applications, and the nasty problems that commingling has created.

The open-source world as I see it

Hi kids! Did you miss me ?
I experienced a few hours of downtime last night, as a result of some minor tweaking on my server. Actually I just added a 2nd IP address, simple right ? Well how is it that a friggin’ wizard like me, can crash a server with something trivial like adding an IP address ? Red Hat Linux, that’s how.