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Gentoo rulez! (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the source)

I love Gentoo.  It “rulez”.  It is my go-to Linux distribution for everything: servers, desktops, appliances.  It has been very good to me for almost ten years.  So why gush ?  Because Gentoo has always received a lot of misguided hate, which I feel needs some counterbalancing.

64-bit: facts and myths

Okay, I am so very tired of reading pseudo-technical idiots who think they need 64-bit versions of all their software, and give developers grief over it.  Here, I will beat the topic to death, hopefully inspiring these idiots to shut the hell up and let the programmers make the programming decisions.

Why I support piracy

I, Billco, am a strong supporter of piracy; I think it’s a great thing.  I say this, despite being a software developer, amateur musician and huge music/movie buff.  It doesn’t make any sense, right ?

Spam alert

This is an FYI for anyone visiting my site in response to spam / e-cards or any other garbage received from aliuysal@, ajrang@ or michaelmcfadden@ The spam did not originate from my server. These are just half-bred scammers putting fake addresses in the “From” field. I would love to find out who’s […]

YouTube – Xubuntu Compiz Fusion VERY OLD computer / Better than Vista

YouTube – Xubuntu Compiz Fusion VERY OLD computer / Better than Vista I don’t usually post Youtube links, but this one actually has adults commenting 😛 Damn kids. Anyway, the topic I want to touch on is old computers. Not old like Atari, old like a Pentium-III 800mhz, which was released in 1999, […]

Secure-p2p as a potential successor to BitTorrent

Secure-p2p You know what sucks about BitTorrent ? Well frankly, a lot of stuff, but it’s the best thing we have right now. The fine folks from The Pirate Bay are hard at work designing the next evolutionary step in P2P file sharing, and I for one, could not be happier! Say what […]

The Art of Computer Maintenance

What is the Art of Computer Maintenance ? It’s the difference between you and me. It’s what makes my PC fast, reliable and long lasting (graphics cards excepted) . It’s an oil change for your PC, a set of good habits and practices that are cheap, quick and easy. Some of the most important things […]