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Yeah, this blog needs a reboot

I know, it’s been 5 years.  Life got weird, busy, lucrative, confusing, fun, frustrating, and now overwhelming. Don’t worry, Fred, I know you still have an alert set up for me.  I’m gonna do you proud, you strange and depraved man. Oh, and for anyone else reading this, who the fuck reads blogs in 2018 […]

Possible downtime tonight

Hey everyone, Just a reminder that if your site is hosted on WE2 or WE3, those servers are being upgraded tonight. You may experience brief downtime during the transition. If you notice your site is down for more than 15 minutes, please contact me immediately.

Computers have been updated

Greetings users, The list of Fnarg PC systems has been updated.  And no, I don’t actually expect to sell a Wall Street system anytime soon. Please email any questions to computers (at)

File servers for everyone!

It looks like shit (for now), but I’ve quickly put together a NAS configurator page.  That’s right, custom file servers from 4 to 72 terabytes, to securely stash your digital clutter.  Be forewarned, these things can get noisy as they are designed for server rooms.  If you want something quiet enough to stick […]

English, motherfucker, do you speak it ?

Welcome to the latest and lamest blog on the interweb.  This is the official reboot of; bigger, badder and louder.  This site may contain nudity, violence, extreme coarse language, unpatriotic sentiment, dangerous ideas, epic nerd rage, and mature subject matter.  Viewer discretion is advised.  Children, get the fuck off my lawn! What am I […]

Greetings users!

New platform.  Go fuck yourselves! Old site is here


A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I pondered long and hard about where this site was going, when a lolcat jumped at my face and shouted “UR DOIN IT WRONG!“. That illiterate micro-bastard could not have been more right. needs a reboot, a new format that better represents what it’s like […]