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Other people's problems

Quebec troops fly off to Afghanistan – 940 MONTREAL Some 200 more Canadian soldiers are headed to Afghanistan to relieve another group of Canadians. I know we’re supposed to be a peace-keeping army, but I don’t think peace was ever a goal over there when the Americans invaded in the first place. Years have […]

Humanity vs Capitalism

On Friday, Brazil decided to bypass a pharmaceutical patent in order to get better AIDS treatment for its people. They were in negotiations with Merck, creator of the Efavirenz drug, but couldn’t reach an agreement on the price. Brazil’s president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (I call him Louie) made the decision to break the patent and put his citizens first

The downward spiral

The Webby Award winners have been annouced, and one of the most hypocritical controversies on the net right now involves eBay, winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award. Some woefully retarded rednecks are accusing eBay of providing weapons to Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech Shooter.

Ignorant breaks a CFL light bulb in her home, goes to the media

A woman in Maine accidentally dropped one of those modern power-saving CFL light bulbs, the spirally ones that cost umpteen times more than the regular ones. Knowing that these little greenpeace bombs contain mercury, she asked everyone she could think of on how to best clean up the mess and avoid “contamination”. E