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PC Cyber closed, clients and employees up shit creek

With the unfortunate but long-coming news of PC Cyber’s demise, I’d like to remind everyone of the remaining options in Ottawa: Downtown: Canada Computers and Bewawa West End: RB Computing And of course, you can always contact me directly. My expertise is in gaming/workstation/server rigs, but I’m happy to help out in […]

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Daily Kos: State of the Nation Nothing much to add, but if you’re at all interested in the lovely circle-jerk that is banking, I invite you to spend a few minutes reading this excellent article at Daily Kos, that I think explains the situation in a way most people can understand (well, most non-inbred […]

Reimagining the Automobile Industry by Selling the Electricity

Reimagining the Automobile Industry by Selling the Electricity – New York Times Here’s something fist-worthy: some high-powered smartass with a suit wants to turn the auto industry into the cell phone industry. He wants to promote electric vehicles and then sell us the “electric fuel”. Okay, so how many people here like the […]

BBC NEWS | Technology | Jury penalises music file-sharer

Jury penalises music file-sharer – BBC NEWS A Minnesota woman just lost in court against the RIAA, and has been slapped with a quarter-million dollar judgement. Now I don’t care how much music she was sharing (it wasn’t much!) or how badly she may have messed up her testimony, there’s just no fucking […]

Spammers that kill!

E-Mail Scam Includes Hit-Man Threat – Federal Bureau of Investigation Have you ever received threats from some rap-blasting oregano-selling sticker-hoarding honda-driving meatbag ? Well now you can get the same thrills without leaving your desk! Death threats by email, from someone you don’t know! What I find absolutely hilarious is that the […]

Server glitches and some quickies

It’s been quiet on my blog this week, mainly because I’ve been overwhelmed with other things. New York was one thing, server problems were another. Just a few days ago I was bitching about binary packages on Linux, sure enough I ran into a massive problem while installing some little thing, whose dependencies clobbered some of my custom configured software. GRR!
On to the Quickies:

Encryption vendor claims AACS infringes its patents, sues Sony

Encryption vendor claims AACS infringes its patents, sues Sony
The title says it all, but the best part is that the patent holder is a Canadian firm! What’s even better is that the US National Security Agency has already licensed the very same patents Sony is accused of infringing upon.
I’m normally not one to support patent issues, particularly when they deal with software algorithms, but in this case I’m willing to look the other way :)