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Fixing money

Yesterday, my brotha’ from anotha’ planet BitBurn posted a link to “Money as Debt“, an informational film on the origins of fractional reserve banking.  I had watched that video a while ago, and while I knew instinctively that the banking system was a fraud, […]

Passive income – a long term goal

Who is Bill ? At one point I was defined as “an angry coagulate of superior intellect and vast technoculture”.
Well yes, I am those things. More importantly, I’m a guy who has hardly ever cared for tradition. One time-honored tradition of the human race is to work until you’re very old and/or dead. Give 40 years to a company, build up a retirement fund, and hope to have enough life in you to enjoy it. I consider that mentality obsolete in the 21st century.

Domain tasting

Domain tasting, from Wikipedia
This is a throw down. The practice known as “domain tasting” or “domain kiting” must be put to an end. It is unethical and just plain sneaky.

Optimus Maximus: 113 keys of ignorant consumerism

Optimus Maximus: 113 keys, ready to pre-order – Engadget
If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll know that the overhyped design shop known as Art Lebedev has been teasing the world with this outrageous keyboard for years now. After a few pre-pre-pre-releases just to remind us they’re still attention whores, they’re now accepting pre-orders for the notorious keyboard where each key has its own personal OLED display

Humanity vs Capitalism

On Friday, Brazil decided to bypass a pharmaceutical patent in order to get better AIDS treatment for its people. They were in negotiations with Merck, creator of the Efavirenz drug, but couldn’t reach an agreement on the price. Brazil’s president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (I call him Louie) made the decision to break the patent and put his citizens first

The Future of Online Advertising (June 7-8, NYC)

I’ll be attending the Future of Online Advertising in New York City on June 7th and 8th, a two-day event for online advertisers and bloggers, featuring an all-star panel of speakers including Jay Adelson of Digg fame, Darren Rowse of and many many other top dogs of the industry. If you plan on going, email me for a 10% discount code 😉