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Grand Theft Auto Sex Scenes Cost Take-Two $20 Million

Grand Theft Auto Sex Scenes Cost Take-Two $20 Million OK, this issue has revolted me from the very start. There’s a bunch of retarded inbred parents who, after buying an M-rated game for their sheltered kids, decided a weird-ass clothed “sex scene” accessible only through a user-created HACK, was worth $20 million in court.

The sad tale of a great game covered in shit

Bioshock. It’s supposed to be gaming bliss. It’s from the same guys who brought us System Shock 1 and 2. It’s going to give Halo 3 a run for the money. I haven’t even played it yet and I’m already convinced it’s a fantastic game. I haven’t played it, because the developers, like many […]

Retro PC gaming

Hey it’s Sunday. Sundays suck! Anyone who knows me, knows at least three things about me:

  1. I’m a big geek
  2. I bash everyone and everything
  3. My PC is big and fast, and I use every last bit of its power

Well the geek in me decided to kill time on this boring Sunday by putting together a retro PC, just for fun, so I could relive the great games of the DOS era.

Blizzard's golden child returns: Starcraft 2 officially announced

For those of you who are too young to remember Starcraft, GET OFF MY INTERTUBES! Er, actually you can read up about the bestselling 1998 game, maybe google it real quick. Starcraft is huge, even 9 years after its release it is still played by millions of people worldwide.