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PC Cyber closed, clients and employees up shit creek

With the unfortunate but long-coming news of PC Cyber’s demise, I’d like to remind everyone of the remaining options in Ottawa: Downtown: Canada Computers and Bewawa West End: RB Computing And of course, you can always contact me directly. My expertise is in gaming/workstation/server rigs, but I’m happy to help out in […]

Seth Godin says Goodbye to the office

I usually don’t pay too much attention to Seth Godin, he seems to live in a very different bubble than I, but for once I agree with him.  The office is dead.  In these constantly connected times, I don’t think there is much equity left in the tradition of commuting to the downtown core, to […]

Piracy isn’t necessarily a bad thing

The Market Function of Piracy, by Jerry Kirkpatrick, professor of international business and marketing at California State Polytechnic University.
Prof. Kirkpatrick explains in his article how software piracy can have a positive effect on sales. He likens it to handing free samples to everyone, which is well known to be a costly yet highly effective marketing strategy, and argues that pirated software can serve as free advertising

What's in an Operating System ?

As a long-time hacker (the good kind), I’ve dealt with a staggering assortment of operating systems over the years, on many different platforms. In the last few years, I’ve been growing ever more irritated by the blurring distinction between operating systems and applications, and the nasty problems that commingling has created.

Domain names, and how they suck

There’s this wonderful racket on the net, that makes tons of money for nothing. It’s heavily marketed, littered with up-sells of all kinds, and priced arbitrarily. It’s easy to join in as a business partner, and hard to do well.
That racket is called the domain name business. Everyone who wants to be seen on the web has to get at least one domain