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Tony Clement: sell-out #2

The “honourable” minister Tony Clement sent me a canned email today about how the C-32 copyright reform bill is a “fair, balanced, common-sense approach” to “promote homegrown innovation and creativity”. This is a bill written by the rich, for the rich.  It is even more repressive than the sternly abused U.S. DMCA, and provides for […]

Fixing money

Yesterday, my brotha’ from anotha’ planet BitBurn posted a link to “Money as Debt“, an informational film on the origins of fractional reserve banking.  I had watched that video a while ago, and while I knew instinctively that the banking system was a fraud, […]

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This is how we deal with censorship on the internet. I think the MPAA’s “engineers” purposely designed this weak 128-bit encryption key to make it easily crackable, so they can spend more time in court suing every person on earth and lobby the government for an even dumber law than the DMCA to “protect” them.