Well what’s there to know about me ?  I’m a geek with a bad attitude.  I live in Canada.  I like most things electronic.  I write about things that are either important, amusing, or wrong.  I tend to lash out at people/places/things with zeal and colour, but it’s all in the name of fun and the greater good.  And for the record: I’m not racist, sexist or any other ist… I hate everyone equally!


I am not a scientific source of fact.  My rants are merely raw dumps of anger and frustration, and are certainly not the fruit of extensive research and analysis.  They are my instinctive reactions to the world that surrounds me, and I collect them here in the interest of sparking debate on heated topics.  If you strongly disagree with my views or think I’m an idiot, I invite you to comment and criticize my naive point of view without pity.  No topic is taboo on this site, but please keep it intellectual.  Personal attacks and harassment will NOT be tolerated and I reserve the right to edit or delete any content I deem worthless.

Things I allow

  • Coarse language
  • Political incorrectness
  • Issues of race, religion, sexuality (including discussion of slang and epithets)
  • Discussion and critique of crimes and criminal activity
  • Just about anything else, as long as you keep it clean

Things I DO NOT allow

Anything you post on my site becomes my property and I am free to edit or delete anything as I see fit.  If you post comment spam or senseless hate speech, I’m going to trash it.  If you post something I don’t agree with, I’ll leave it untouched and reply to it.  That’s how I play.  If you don’t like my rules, feel free to lurk in silence.

My general stance on random topics

  • PRO:Computers and technology
  • PRO:Music and movies
  • ANTI:War
  • PRO:Copyright reform
  • NEUTRAL:Immigration/emigration and culture clashing
  • ANTI:Religion
  • PRO:Gay/Lesbian/Bi/whatever
  • … most importantly, I am PRO free thinking

This is the de facto continuation of my old blog at Billsmind.com, but this time we’re doing it a little more raw.  Now pick a topic and let’s talk shock!

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