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OCD Multitasking

It’s rant time and I just realized something: for a guy with a beefy PC and multiple displays, I spend a lot of time with just one window open.  Billions of CPU cycles and memory cells are sitting idle.  Only one of my LCDs is even powered on right now.  Am I being wasteful, or […]

Seth Godin says Goodbye to the office

I usually don’t pay too much attention to Seth Godin, he seems to live in a very different bubble than I, but for once I agree with him.  The office is dead.  In these constantly connected times, I don’t think there is much equity left in the tradition of commuting to the downtown core, to […]

Why I support piracy

I, Billco, am a strong supporter of piracy; I think it’s a great thing.  I say this, despite being a software developer, amateur musician and huge music/movie buff.  It doesn’t make any sense, right ?