Love thy neighbor, but only if they swallow!

WARNING: If you consider yourself a serious, devout catholic, you should probably stop reading. You won’t like what I have to say, not one bit.

I bring your attention to article A: ‘Body Of Christ’ Snatched From Church, Held Hostage By UCF Student

Now consider article B: ‘Body Of Christ” Returned To Church After Student Receives Email Threats

If you’re too lazy to read, the titles pretty much give it away. University kid goes to church, university kid doesn’t eat the Jesus cracker fast enough, university kid gets physically and verbally attacked by Jesus freaks. I half-expect church leaders to be borderline-homicidal, but the email threats are way too much. What’s the big deal ? It’s a ghetto piece of so-called “unleavened bread”, probably imported from China, where it’s cooked up by 12 year old slave kids who’ve never even heard of Jesus H. Christ.

Turn it around: let’s say I am a cult leader, and the rules of my cult state that one must insert “The Body of Fnarg”, which is actually just a piece of no-name straberry licorice, up one’s anus. Does that grant me the privilege of smashing your ignorant skull if I ever catch you using a piece of licorice beyond the confines of your ass hole ? The Catholic church seems to believe so.

The day religious folks give up hypocrisy, is the day I’ll stop bashing religious folks. Believe in something if your fragile mind requires it, but mind your goddamned business!

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One Response to “Love thy neighbor, but only if they swallow!”

  1. Bit says:

    C’est toutes des sales! Fuck religion pis fuck billul!!!