Spam alert

This is an FYI for anyone visiting my site in response to spam / e-cards or any other garbage received from aliuysal@, ajrang@ or michaelmcfadden@

The spam did not originate from my server. These are just half-bred scammers putting fake addresses in the “From” field. I would love to find out who’s behind this, chop them into a bloody goulash and have demon sex with their remains, but that’s not quite how thinks work on the Internet.

I would simply remind that if you receive any email from people you don’t know, look them up before clicking on that Hallmark e-card, screensaver or banking site they’re promoting :/ Most spammers are based in non-english speaking countries so any obvious language issues should raise your suspicion.

I have installed a few spam countermeasures on my server, but they only work in tandem with “smart” mail servers which are sadly not that popular with large ISPs and webmail services. Please do what you can to protect yourself from these small-time crooks.

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