Fuck Creative Labs, Fuck the Sound Blaster, and Fuck You if you buy one!

For those just tuning in, Creative Inc, the company that sells the Sound Blaster brand of sound cards, has been giving a driver hacker a very hard time. The issue involves Vista driver support. I don’t know the full details, as I don’t own a Sound Blaster anymore, but the gist of it is that many features do not work in Vista, that used to work in XP due to architectural differences in the OS.

In other words, all those neat features they listed on the box, which people foolishly paid for, well those features do not work under Vista, Microsoft’s latest mainstream operating system.

Let’s think about that for a moment: it’s a sound card. It takes digital sound, converts it to analog and shoves it down a pair of wires to the speaker. Actually it doesn’t even drive the speakers, you still need amplifiers (which are built into most computer speakers). As far as add-on devices go, this is about as simple as it gets. Here’s an example of a basic home-made sound circuit that hooks up via USB.

Anyway, Daniel K is a smart fella who hacked the drivers in order to bring those missing features back in Vista, and he has shared his work online for others to enjoy. He’s basically giving away for free what should have been Creative’s responsibility from the beginning, giving Sound Blaster owners what they want and paid for, and he’s being punished and threatened by the company as a direct result of these actions.

If you want to find out more about this despicable company, hit up Google and read all about how they once tried to charge money for Audigy device drivers, or how they drop support for their products after 2-3 years only to re-release near-identical hardware for more money (see “X-Fi Xtreme Audio”).

I invite everyone to boycott these bastards. Today’s Sound Blasters have nothing in common with the products we all fell in love with 20 years ago.

Here’s the forum thread concerning Daniel K. Many people have signed up to the forum purely to leave angry comments, I invite you to take a few minutes to do the same. Tell this company exactly how much they suck. They will never change, but the more people post, the more attention this story will get and hopefully others will stop buying this overpriced garbage so we can all watch the company die!

Message to Daniel_K – Sound Blaster – Creative Labs

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6 Responses to “Fuck Creative Labs, Fuck the Sound Blaster, and Fuck You if you buy one!”

  1. BitBurn says:

    Arrete tes niaiseries pis fas moé d’autres tracks calisse!! Creative sucks – go pro – go Mac Pro!! love you xox

  2. Mick Russom says:

    I am now on a quest to screw and badmouth creative labs anywhere and everywhere I can. I think they SUCK for the HORRIBLE drivers in windows 2003, vista and for all the old cards.

    The board and the president and CEO and VP of engineering and the CTO of creative labs should all have a leg removed as punishment for the horrible things they have done to the quality of the SB/Live/Audigy/XFI cards.

  3. Alejandro Nova says:

    I have a lovely Sound Blaster Live. It works wonderfully in Windows Vista… with the hackish and reverse engineered kX Project drivers. This computer isn’t running an ounce of Creative software, and I won’t buy any Creative Labs sound card again.

  4. Daryn Kiely says:

    To your point, they do drop support of old products. I have a 3 year old set of speakers that quit working. Here was their reply:

    Dear Daryn,
    Thank you for writing in to Creative Support Services; I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    I understand that you would like to repair your GigaWorks S750 Speaker System.

    Unfortunately, due to lack of spare parts we won’t be able to repair your Speaker System. We could replace it; however since your Speaker System has already exceeded its one (1) year warranty period, sending it for replacement would cost you as much as a brand new set of Speaker System.
    I would like to recommend that you visit our Creative Outlet Store for interesting great deals to replace your product. Get big savings at a limited time offer on our various range of Specials, Refurbished, Clearance products at http://us.creative.com/shop/shopcategory.asp?category=84&.
    Alternatively, you can check out our newest products at http://us.creative.com/products/ . Grab one today and continue to enjoy your Creative experience!
    If you still require assistance, please reply to this email with any previous correspondence to ensure the quickest and most accurate service.

  5. Billco says:

    This does not surprise me in the slightest. I can’t think of any PC hardware manufacturer that even begins to understand the meaning of “customer service”. Warranties are an American tradition, a fuzzy one at that, and Creative is well-anchored in Singapore, where they are free to abuse the global market at will without any (legal) retribution.

    It is safe to assume that had you bought a $500+ set of speakers from a genuine audio dealer, they would have helped you out. It’s not exactly rocket science to repair a speaker, in your case it was most likely the amplifier that quit, which often times is caused by a blown fuse.

    Even the more serious problems are a simple matter of swapping out fuses/capacitors, or resoldering a loose input terminal. Electronically speaking, speakers are very simple systems. Their sound output is a complex science, but the nuts and volts driving them are almost trivial. These things take mere minutes for a qualified technician to repair, representing maybe $30-40 of their time and a few inexpensive parts, but for an outfit like Creative that $40 in labor probably exceeds the total cost of a new unit. That’s why electronics manufacturers typically ship a replacement unit instead of repairing the broken one. Instead, they flog them off to a subcontractor to patch up and sell them off as refurbs.

    They’re a dirty company, but that is true of a large proportion of today’s electronics manufacturers. Not only do they build things ultra cheaply, but they fail to fix them when the gadgets break prematurely. As long as it survives past the warranty expiration, they consider it a success. Capitalism gone wrong, ladies and gentlemen!

  6. Fuck Creative says:

    Creative Technology deserves to suffer