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Fuck Creative Labs, Fuck the Sound Blaster, and Fuck You if you buy one!

For those just tuning in, Creative Inc, the company that sells the Sound Blaster brand of sound cards, has been giving a driver hacker a very hard time. The issue involves Vista driver support. I don’t know the full details, as I don’t own a Sound Blaster anymore, but the gist of it is that […]


A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I pondered long and hard about where this site was going, when a lolcat jumped at my face and shouted “UR DOIN IT WRONG!“. That illiterate micro-bastard could not have been more right. needs a reboot, a new format that better represents what it’s like […]

Spam alert

This is an FYI for anyone visiting my site in response to spam / e-cards or any other garbage received from aliuysal@, ajrang@ or michaelmcfadden@ The spam did not originate from my server. These are just half-bred scammers putting fake addresses in the “From” field. I would love to find out who’s […]