Spam tards

Absorb this for a moment:

Dear, customer
New bug in Windows Kernel was found. It makes your computer vulnerable.We strongly recommend you to install this Critical Update (in attacment).
Best Regards,
Microsoft Window Update.
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Now I realize I’m basically a human virus scanner, but I have a hard time believing how anyone with at least room-temperature IQ could be fooled by this. It starts out pretty good, but then they go miss the ‘s’ in Windows, and what the hell does that last paragraph have to do with anything ? Seriously, if it ended after the “Microsoft Windows Update” part, I could see a lot of non-techy people getting fooled. I want to find this spammer and relieve them of their fertility, not because they’re spammers, but because they’re retards who shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

That, or someone needs to get their three-year old off the computer!

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