Canada failing its obligations to children: UNICEF

Canada failing its obligations to children: UNICEF

Apparently we’re a bad nation for kids. More accurately, we’re as bad today as we were a generation ago. Here’s a priceless excerpt from the article:

  • About one in six Canadian children live in poverty, a number unchanged in a generation.
  • A child obesity rate of 26 per cent — one of the highest rates of obesity among children in developed countries.
  • Infant mortality rates at five deaths per 1,000, a figure unchanged in five years.
  • Canada has one of the highest rates of children in state care and in youth detention centres compared with other industrialized nations.
  • Mental illness among children has risen, with only 20 per cent getting treatment.

Now I may be an elitist prick, but it seems to me like they’re looking at the problem from the wrong angle. If kids are living in poverty, with poor health and high crime rates, maybe it’s because they’re being raised by idiots. What’s worse is a large portion of these will grow up to be every bit as worthless as the human wastes that bred them. Cull the idiots, and we’ll have a lot less of these “unfavored” kids. Throwing money at the issue is only going to make things worse, it will just result in more resources going to these baby-popping cancers. The one thing dumb people are really good at is spreading their plague.

Don’t even get me started on mental illness, I still don’t understand why high-risk parents try to conceive a child (or seven!); seriously, if the doctor says the kid has a 50% chance of being even more messed up than you are, stop fucking and get those sickly tubes snipped both of you! If you’re so lonely that the prospect of a rich, entertaining life without children makes you want to slash your wrists, well try adopting, and if that fails I’ll give you the razor blades!

Let me word it in a more vegan way: kids aren’t born with an innate desire to be messed up. Their environment is what makes them fail at life. It is everyone’s job to make that environment a safe and healthy one. If we keep producing low-quality humans, soon enough there won’t be a world left for us to live in.

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