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Jury penalises music file-sharer – BBC NEWS

A Minnesota woman just lost in court against the RIAA, and has been slapped with a quarter-million dollar judgement.

Now I don’t care how much music she was sharing (it wasn’t much!) or how badly she may have messed up her testimony, there’s just no fucking way she could have “cost” the music industry $222,000.

The interesting bit is that this was a jury trial. That means there was a group of people in that court, who decided by majority that this woman was guilty, while the judge set the penalty. I’m quite willing to believe that there are some people who are truly opposed to file sharing and music piracy, and I respect their choice, but it seems odd in today’s troubled political and economic atmosphere that you could have a majority of jurors siding with the big evil cartel.

It’s funny how they couldn’t convict O.J. Simpson of murder over a decade ago, even when everyone knew it in their gut that he was guilty. There’s something wrong with these courts of law, but more importantly there’s something very wrong with the evolution of greed.

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  1. mathieu the river says:


    you will be penalized :)

    nah seriously …

    i tunes sells the tunes 1$ each … why not charge her 1$ per song she has ?