Meet IvanAnywhere, the telecommuting robot – Business – Meet IvanAnywhere

Now this is cool! Ivan Bowman is a developer at some company in Waterloo, but he “telecommutes” – god I hate that word – he works from home, in Halifax. Hundreds of thousands of people do that already, but what’s neat about Ivan is he has a robot serving as his eyes and ears in the office, and it’s all remote-controlled over the internet. With a webcam, microphone and a touchscreen display, he can interact with his coworkers like a normal person would, with the added benefit that the slimy bitch in accounting can’t get away with a sexual harassment suit on this one.

I still think human contact is obsolete for most office jobs, but this could be an interesting stepping stone until the meatspace addicts of yesteryear finally die off and we can wave goodbye to the fantastic time wasting activities we call “meetings”.

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