Steve Jobs is either very cunning, or blissfully ignorant

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, just announced the “new” iMacs, but the only new thing is the color. It looks the same, it works the same, and they still charge two TRILLION dollars for RAM upgrades.

Now despite the underwhelming update, Macs are still pretty damn nice, and I would love to get one, but the problem is their product lineup is too sparse. You can either get a rather puny Mac Mini for $600, a sexy but weak entry-level iMac for $1300, or a hot-rod Mac Pro for $2800. Oh, by the way, that hot-rod only comes with one lonely gig of RAM and a 250gb hard disk. Upgrading either one of those costs more than buying an entire Dell system WITH a monitor. I’d be fine with buying a base system, and sourcing my upgrades from a borderline-sane dealer like TigerDirect or even NCIX.

So the problem is: what do you do if you’d like to buy a Mac ? Do you buy the crappy, non-upgradeable Mini or iMac, or do you take out a second mortgage and get the Mac Pro ? Keep in mind that you could build a pretty sweet gaming/workstation PC for about $1500. Mac OS is real nice, but at the end of the day, people are looking at the bottom line. I want a Mac, but right now the only one that’s even remotely appealing to me is the top-end Mac Pro, and I simply can’t justify that kind of outlay. Three grand on a quad-core Mac Pro that desperately needs upgrades, or three grand on an quad-core SLI gaming beast full of RAM with a rack full of Raptors and enough change left over for a 30″ Dell LCD.

In the end, it’s just an operating system.

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  1. Frank says:

    They re also thinner, asshole