Other people's problems

Quebec troops fly off to Afghanistan – 940 MONTREAL

Some 200 more Canadian soldiers are headed to Afghanistan to relieve another group of Canadians.

I know we’re supposed to be a peace-keeping army, but I don’t think peace was ever a goal over there when the Americans invaded in the first place. Years have gone by, and still we send our people to clean up after a crazy man and his family’s vendetta.

My question is: who’s going to come to Canada’s rescue when the Americans decide we’re ripe for the picking ?

Fuck this war, and all it represents. Bush says he wants Democracy in the middle east, but he doesn’t know the first thing about it.

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One Response to “Other people's problems”

  1. Vrunet says:

    C’est toutes des calisses de sales, Bush pis ça guerre de marde. C’est d’l’esti bullshit!