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Other people's problems

Quebec troops fly off to Afghanistan – 940 MONTREAL Some 200 more Canadian soldiers are headed to Afghanistan to relieve another group of Canadians. I know we’re supposed to be a peace-keeping army, but I don’t think peace was ever a goal over there when the Americans invaded in the first place. Years have […]

Confessions: Geek Squad likes porn

Confessions: Geek Squad Hatched Plot To Harvest Porn From Pornstar Jasmine Grey’s HardDrive, Days Before She Died In Car Crash – Consumerist Man these stories just keep coming! (pun intended) Every time I read one of these, I shake my head because it doesn’t make sense to me. You’re a fucking geek, why would […]

Wireless Tazer Weapon | SCIFI.COM

The guys at have a little blurb about a Wireless Tazer that may be coming to a cop near you. It’s certainly not rocket science, just a bullet-sized gadget with electrodes and a battery. While I’m sure there’s a mile of paperwork documenting all the homeland-security-funded R&D, the fact is I’m simply not […]