TorrentSpy ordered to start tracking visitors – CNet

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You’ve got to love California and their Hollywood legal system. A federal judge has ordered to start tracking its visitors’ habits, as part of the discovery process in their suit against the MPAA.

It just keeps getting better and better (and by that I mean WORSE). You see, the MPAA doesn’t even have any proof of copyright infringement. They’re asking the defendant to provide self-incriminating evidence, which is a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This sets one ugly precedent. It’s yet another gross distortion of the law to favor rich corrupt organizations. In a sane court, trying to sue someone over made-up claims with serious consequences and without evidence is one of the best ways to get your case dismissed with prejudice. If they can’t make a ruling by just looking at the plentiful information on the TorrentSpy site, then really they have no business looking at their confidential logs. This creates a harassment scenario where any entity can sue anyone with made-up accusations, waste the defendant’s time, tarnish their image and in the end, they just pay the court fees and say “oh well, no proof, we’ll catch you next time” then move on to the next victim. Just like penis enlargement spam, eventually they find a sucker.

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