Spammers that kill!

E-Mail Scam Includes Hit-Man Threat – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Have you ever received threats from some rap-blasting oregano-selling sticker-hoarding honda-driving meatbag ? Well now you can get the same thrills without leaving your desk! Death threats by email, from someone you don’t know!

What I find absolutely hilarious is that the FBI is telling people “not to worry about it”. I’m not scared of some douche killing me over the intertubes, but I’d very much like to:

  1. Sue Mr. Douche for issuing verbal threats, which is not only anti-social, it’s outright illegal!
  2. Have his lovely pale white face branded with a hot iron indicating his job title – SPAM ARTIST
  3. And then toss the annoying little bastard in an overcrowded Kenyan prison for some lonely lifer to make sweet love to

So the next time someone despicable tells you he’s going to kill you, have a hearty chuckle and rest peacefully with the knowledge that the FBI is doing everything in its power to keep the wheels of society turning backwards.

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