Server glitches and some quickies

It’s been quiet on my blog this week, mainly because I’ve been overwhelmed with other things. New York was one thing, server problems were another. Just a few days ago I was bitching about binary packages on Linux, sure enough I ran into a massive problem while installing some little thing, whose dependencies clobbered some of my custom configured software. GRR!

On to the Quickies:

  • In Debt We Trust – A film by Danny Schechter about the credit crisis in North America
    I just watched this film earlier this week, scary stuff! Anyone who’s ever taken out a loan or has credit cards should watch this!
  • Live@Popforge – A neat little Roland 909 emulator done in Flash. Yay House!
  • The Chart of Doom – A flowchart that answers the question “Should there be a Law?”
  • XKCD #149 – Sandwich – A nice little XKCD webcomic about Linux sandwiches.
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