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Church of England upset over cathedral’s depiction in Sony game

Ah yes, the Church of England, brainchild of King Henry VIII, one of history’s most outrageously shameful crackheads, right up there with Rasputin and Jerry Falwell.

I’ll keep it quick, so someone please explain to me what the difference is between a gunfight in a church, and a gunfight in any other building ? The way I see it, a cathedral is a place considered holy by only those people who either adhere to the faith or acknowledge its existence. To everyone else, it’s a big building full of weirdos. I declare my piece of shit car to be a place of worship for followers of the Church of Fnarg, but I’m sure even you, dear reader, wouldn’t consider my humble vehicle to be a sacred site where violence is forbidden (especially after seeing the way I drive). So I say “Screw ’em!” and quit being such pussies about your religion. If the followers are so weak-minded as to be driven to violence by fictional events in a video game, then it isn’t the word of gospel they need to hear, it’s the word of psychiatry.

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