The downward spiral

The Webby Award winners have been annouced, and one of the most hypocritical controversies on the net right now involves eBay, winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award. Some woefully retarded rednecks are accusing eBay of providing weapons to Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech Shooter. Nevermind the fact that there are close to 55000 registered gun dealers in the USA(pdf), many of whom do business on the internet like any other retail outfit. Nevermind the fact that eBay is hardly different from classified ads in the newspaper. Nevermind the fact that any half-brained truck-driving cousin-fucker can legally purchase military-grade rifles and armor-piercing rounds and charge the whole arsenal to a credit card, because nobody’s ever heard of a rich murderer.

I’m absolutely sick of the extremist-controlled media blaming the internet for all the problems in the world. A paper trail of eBay transactions won’t give any “insights” on the mind of a homicidal maniac, and playing Counter Strike doesn’t make anyone a sharp shooter. On the other hand: overcrowding, poverty and corruption are all contributing to the mass-hysteria that is sucking the life out of people. Despite the great advances in technology and health care, people are less and less happy with their lives, maybe we should take a moment to find out why…

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    Bein oui l’gros, c’est bon ça! 😉