Early summer movies underperform at box office | Entertainment | Reuters

Early summer movies underperform at box office | Reuters

So apparently release-weekend ticket sales for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 are about 15% lower than last year’s number for Pirates 2. Geez… I dunno, maybe it’s because the prices keep going up for nothing. Or maybe 15% of the people got turned off by #2 and aren’t rushing out to see this one. Or maybe a large chunk of people are seriously pissed off at the film industry for churning out several metric tonnes of mindless tripe that even the truck-driving gun-toting cousin-fondling feeble-minded desert apes find condescending.

It’s as though the film industry is taking cues from this Web 2.0 craze: heavy on hype, light on content. Let’s see now, Norbit, Eragon, Big Momma’s House 2, Basic Instinct 2, Date Movie, Ultraviolet, BloodRayne, Stay Alive, The Covenant, Son of the Mask, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, The Fog, The Whole Ten Yards, Alone in the Dark. I mean seriously, Tara Reid as an archeologist ? The girl can’t even keep track of her own big fake boobs, she probably doesn’t know which end of a shovel to hold up.

Do we really need so many horrible sequels ? And what’s with all these washed-up actors ? If I were a film executive, I’d be thankful the numbers only slipped 15%, because the last 12 months worth of movie releases have been half-assed zero-effort disasterpieces. I think there should be a money-back guarantee on movie tickets. If you walk out of the theater and you’re not satisfied, you get your fifteen bucks back. Maybe that will force Hollywood to start putting a little effort into their product.

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