Brain-damaged teen (seriously), drunk and high, runs into oncoming traffic

Every once in a while, we get a chilling reminder of how amazingly dumb people can be.  In the news today, a troubled teenager died a nasty death after jumping out of a moving car and running across a busy highway.  This kid’s story was already pretty sad, his mother liked to sniff paint during the pregnancy, and as a result the baby was born with brain damage.  To make things worse, he was sexually and physically abused in a foster home (wow, good job there!).  Now the magic pixie dust is that the day he died, his own goddamned sister hooked him up with some beer, vodka, weed and a bit of crack for dessert.

Let me repeat that: his sister gave him CRACK!  Even people with no brain damage act a bit loony on crack.  What the hell was she thinking ?  There’s no mention of any accusations yet, but I hope I’m not along in thinking the sister should have the book thrown at her, before she kills another one of her siblings with her bottomless ignorance.

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