Blizzard's golden child returns: Starcraft 2 officially announced

For those of you who are too young to remember Starcraft, GET OFF MY INTERTUBES!  Er, actually you can read up about the bestselling 1998 game, maybe google it real quick.  Starcraft is huge, even 9 years after its release it is still played by millions of people worldwide.  It’s got that addictive quality and enough diversity between the selectable races for everyone to develop their own playing style.  Fans have been asking for a sequel since the day they beat the first one

Well it seems like their wish has been granted.  Blizzard announced Starcraft 2 earlier today in South Korea, the main feature of their invitation press event.  At this stage, it seem as though Blizzard didn’t change much about the game, besides giving it updated graphics.  This could very well change before release, as the screenshots taken by IGN are from a very early proof demo, possibly derived from the original Starcraft code.  The funny thing about this game is that even if Blizzard were to rerelease the exact same game, the same old missions and multiplayer maps, using modern 3D graphics and sound effects, it would still sell like hotcakes.  If they can carefully improve a few little things and ideally throw in a little surprise treat, this could easily introduce a whole new generation of gamers to the Starcraft world, eager to have their asses handed to them by the veterans.

I’m actually not that huge a fan of Starcraft, mainly because I was never good at it :(  But this is definitely the game to look out for in the near future.  Supreme Commander is awesome (and power hungry), but Blizzard are the guys who practically invented the genre with Warcraft and Starcraft.

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