BitTorrent done well

I’m always bitching about bad programmers and how they should be murdered and raped (in that specific order), but I can certainly acknowledge talent when I see it. Today’s example of excellent software is the awesome µTorrent, possibly the best BitTorrent client for Windows. The latest version 1.6.1 weighs in at a minuscule 173 kilobytes. That’s about 1/8th of a floppy disk. With the default settings, it uses less than 10mb of memory while downloading at full speed. It actually runs better than the official BitTorrent client, which is still built with Python. Azureus is another popular client, bursting with cool features but written in Java. I mean, James Gosling is a swell Canadian but rarely a day goes by without me cursing his bastard language. I’m sure he really wanted to name it “Just Another Language For Pretentious Fucks Who Can’t Find Work With Their Visual Basic Skills Anymore“, but JALFPFWCFWWTVBSA doesn’t quite have the same yuppie ring to it.

Need more proof that µTorrent is the shit ? They’ve been bought out by Bram Cohen’s company, the founder of BitTorrent himself! Go get it NOW!

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