A quick word about BitTorrent

In the world of file sharing, BitTorrent is huge. There are dozens of clients for every mainstream operating system, heck there are even gadgets that download torrents without a computer! Everyone’s uploading and downloading all sorts of stuff, good and bad, but there is one thing I feel compelled to address and that is the ‘Super Seeder’ option. Your client may or may not have it, and if it does, I command you to STOP USING IT! The name is very misleading, as it doesn’t magically make your crappy DSL or cable modem upload faster. It actually uploads slower in most cases, believe it or not, as it uses a much stricter algorithm to decide how much bandwidth each peer gets, a very shaky form of leech protection that ends up preventing everyone else from uploading much. If you’ve ever been on a torrent that moves really slowly and everyone’s at the same percentage, chances are it’s a super seed.

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