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High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters – High-Tech Tattle-Tale Device Hits NYC Theaters
Regal Cinemas (some movie theater chain in the states) is now handing out these little remote-like devices to some of their patrons, which allows the person to page a staff member during the movie. The idea is that when some idiot ruins the show by talking throughout the film, or pointing his laser, or beating his wife, you page an “associate” and they come shut the idiot up.

I want Web 1.0 back!

Top 25 Largest Web 2.0 Sites (May 2007)
I’ll make this quick. The featured article lists off the 25 largest Web 2.0 sites, based on the number of unique visitors per month. I’m going to tell you just how much I despise them :)

Early summer movies underperform at box office | Entertainment | Reuters

Early summer movies underperform at box office | Reuters
So apparently release-weekend ticket sales for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 are about 15% lower than last year’s number for Pirates 2. Geez… I dunno, maybe it’s because the prices keep going up for nothing. Or maybe 15% of the people got turned off by #2 and aren’t rushing out to see this one. Or maybe a large chunk of people are seriously pissed off at the film industry for churning out several metric tonnes of mindless tripe

Blank media, and cheap garbage in general

I ran out of blank DVD-R discs today, and since nobody in town ever has good media (Verbatim, TY) in stock, I ended up trying a different brand as recommended by the store manager and my former boss. They are Philips 16x DVD-R, and they are the worst garbage I’ve put in my burner, EVER!

Domain tasting

Domain tasting, from Wikipedia
This is a throw down. The practice known as “domain tasting” or “domain kiting” must be put to an end. It is unethical and just plain sneaky.

Five Tired Old Myths About GNU/Linux, and the whiney hackers that keep them alive

Five Tired Old Myths About GNU/Linux
I’ve been a casual supporter of Linux and free software in general for many years, but I don’t shove it in everyone’s face like a new fad religion. For sake of brevity, here are the 5 “myths” from the article, accompanied by my frank opinion as always.

Slow web servers, and how to speed them up

In a world where a large portion of internet users are on fast broadband connections, we sometimes come across slow-loading web sites. We’re quick to notice when it takes more than a second or two to load, but what do you do when it’s been over a minute since you clicked the link ?