Ignorant breaks a CFL light bulb in her home, goes to the media

A woman in Maine accidentally dropped one of those modern power-saving CFL light bulbs, the spirally ones that cost umpteen times more than the regular ones. Knowing that these little greenpeace bombs contain mercury, she asked everyone she could think of on how to best clean up the mess and avoid “contamination”. Eventually someone told her they’d come over and make it all go away in a professional manner, for the low low price of $2000. Oh noes!

In reality, a home thermometer contains anywhere from 100 to 400 times more mercury than a CFL bulb. This brings us to two possible conclusions:

1. this person truly exists, and was so dumb that eventually someone just made up a price to shut her up.


2. this story is a fabrication of the conservative political groups, as a way to secure lobbying funds from electricity producers and marketers.

In the end, do whatever the hell you want. Buy new bulbs, or don’t. I personally like the idea of a bulb the produces more light than heat, but the people behind the buzz aren’t really doing it for the sake of conserving energy. They’re doing it because someone’s going get rich selling new lightbulbs. Don’t buy the hype!

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