DVD ripping is legal ? not quite yet.

Kaleidescape, makers of ultra-high-end media center equipment, have won a court ruling vs the DVD CCA (copy control association), which alleged that the defendant’s product was illegally circumventing DVD copy protection. For you lazy tards, the Kaleidescape system is like a video iPod on steroids. You put DVDs in, it rips them to its hard drives so you can access your entire movie collection instantly. It can run several feeds simultaneously, so those of you with trillion-dollar mansions can have one bigass movie server feeding a bunch of receivers throughout the castle.

What does it mean to you ? Well not all that much, yet. It doesn’t mean you can legally share movies on the net, but it does set a good precedent for other media center gadgets, which is a good thing because Windows Vista is supposed to promote that sort of thing, streaming music and video from your hard drive over WiFi to various receivers in your home. Besides, anything that weakens the MPAA’s nazi death grip on the industry is a good thing in my book.

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