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Ignorant breaks a CFL light bulb in her home, goes to the media

A woman in Maine accidentally dropped one of those modern power-saving CFL light bulbs, the spirally ones that cost umpteen times more than the regular ones. Knowing that these little greenpeace bombs contain mercury, she asked everyone she could think of on how to best clean up the mess and avoid “contamination”. E

Synergy for multi-PC goodness

I’ve been using a neat little utility for the past week called Synergy. It allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers over the network, in an extremely intuitive way. You still need a monitor on the extra computers… Synergy kind of merges all your machines into one huge desktop.

DVD ripping is legal ? not quite yet.

Kaleidescape, makers of ultra-high-end media center equipment, have won a court ruling vs the DVD CCA (copy control association), which alleged that the defendant’s product was illegally circumventing DVD copy protection. For you lazy tards, the Kaleidescape system is like a video iPod on steroids.

NIN releases tracks on TPB

Trent Reznor, the man behind Nine Inch Nails, released three songs off the latest album “Year Zero” in multitrack format, making it possible for just about anyone with music software to remix the tracks. That in itself is nothing new, he did the same thing two years ago when “With Teeth” was released.

Acrobat Reader 8 sucks less!

On the web, the PDF format is pretty much the de-facto standard for distributing printable media. For years, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader has been getting fatter, slower, and buggier with each new release. So bad in fact, that a lot of people switched to Foxit Reader, which is fast and lean but kind of feels like a Windows 3.1 app 😛

Where do you want to hide today ?

The Quantum Sleeper, “The safest rest you’ve ever had”.
This is one of those things only Americans would ever think of. It’s a bed built like a safe-room. This thing will keep you safe from bio-chemical terrorist attacks, natural disasters, burglars, rapists, jehova’s witnesses, intellectuals and gun fire!

Some people should just be shot.

Check this out:
Man charged with DUI on way to DUI hearing
For those of you too lazy to click a goddamned link, the article speaks of a 74 year-old cheap excuse for a man. He was headed to court for a DUI offense from February. The problem is, he never made it to court, he crashed his tardwagon into a guard rail and was arrested again for drunk driving