Yeah, this blog needs a reboot

I know, it’s been 5 years.  Life got weird, busy, lucrative, confusing, fun, frustrating, and now overwhelming. Don’t worry, Fred, I know you still have an alert set up for me.  I’m gonna do you proud, you strange and depraved man. Oh, and for anyone else reading this, who the fuck reads blogs in 2018 […]

New personal gaming PC, I like it a lot!

This past week, I ran into some nagging issues with my old PC and decided it was time to replace it. Here’s what I ended up getting: Asrock Z87 Extreme4 Intel Core i7 4770k (Haswell) 32gb G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400 C10 2x Adata SX900 256gb (in RAID-0) Antec Kühler H2O 620 GTX 780 (carried over from […]

Game review: Wizorb

Wizorb This is a cross between Arkanoid and an RPG.  Well, at least that’s what it claims to be.  What it actually is, is a mountain of suck covered in fail sauce.   I really wanted to like this game, but it’s a goddamned mess. Beef #1: It lags on my Crysis-eating […]

Gentoo rulez! (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the source)

I love Gentoo.  It “rulez”.  It is my go-to Linux distribution for everything: servers, desktops, appliances.  It has been very good to me for almost ten years.  So why gush ?  Because Gentoo has always received a lot of misguided hate, which I feel needs some counterbalancing.

PC Cyber closed, clients and employees up shit creek

With the unfortunate but long-coming news of PC Cyber’s demise, I’d like to remind everyone of the remaining options in Ottawa: Downtown: Canada Computers and Bewawa West End: RB Computing And of course, you can always contact me directly. My expertise is in gaming/workstation/server rigs, but I’m happy to help out in […]

Possible downtime tonight

Hey everyone, Just a reminder that if your site is hosted on WE2 or WE3, those servers are being upgraded tonight. You may experience brief downtime during the transition. If you notice your site is down for more than 15 minutes, please contact me immediately.

Computers have been updated

Greetings users, The list of Fnarg PC systems has been updated.  And no, I don’t actually expect to sell a Wall Street system anytime soon. Please email any questions to computers (at)